Chicken keepers can’t help but worry about their feathered friends getting cold as temperatures drop. There are several ways to ensure that they stay warm and cosy.

- Slightly reduce - but do not close off - ventilation to avoid draughts and damp

- Don’t keep their water inside the coop as it causes damp

- Don’t use a heater as there is a risk of fire - light bulbs are OK and can help

- Place straw or hay at the entrance to the coop to reduce the amount of water and dirt carried inside

- Make sure there is enough space for all of your birds to roost on perches

- Check combs and wattles for frostbite

- Clean droppings from inside the coop each day if using standard bedding

- Try the deep litter method: Start with a layer of shavings or similar, stir in the droppings that accumulate with a rake and add another layer of shavings and so on. A compost layer will form which has microbes that consume the unhealthy bacteria in the droppings, it works as insulation and also helps to prevent lice and mites