Horse owners throughout the autumn and winter seasons spend a lot of time trying to judge which rug their horse should be wearing so they are warm and dry, but not overly hot. With British weather this is notoriously difficult.

Over-rugging is a no no, as horses do not feel the cold as easily as humans and need to follow their natural pattern of losing excess weight in the winter. Burning some calories for keeping warm, reduces the chance of them finishing the winter overweight, just as the spring grass comes through.

Alternatively, no one wants to think of their equine shivering and losing too much condition. Trying to get the balance right seems to be a continual problem for the pro-active horse owner.

Mole Valley Farmers’ sponsored rider Emma Massingale has helped to make this dilemma a little easier, by getting her Shetland pony Albert to demonstrate the flexibility of the new Horseware Amigo Bravo 12 rug ‘Bundle’.

The video - which you can see here - shows Albert helping to ‘peel’ the various layers off Connemara pony Comet. Initially the strong 50 gram turnout rug and removable neck rug is removed, revealing the 300 gram rug liner; Albert then gently slips this off, leaving the lighter 100 gram liner underneath.

Emma said: “I use the Horseware rug system on my sport horses and Connemaras, as the versatility of the different layers means I’ve got all my options covered for clipped or unclipped, living in or out! The system offers totally flexibility and can take any equine from damp autumn days, to snow and sleet conditions.

"Albert seemed to really enjoy helping with the video while Comet just stood there enjoying the autumn sun and dozed throughout! I’m sure the ponies just think ‘There she’s goes again – don’t really understand why, but it’s fine, I’ll roll with it!'"