The RSPCA has launched a new campaign to educate young people about being kind to animals.

The charity is focussing on prevention as the the most important word in its name.

It rescues animals from all types from abuse, neglect, and injury. Its vision is a society where no animal suffers unnecessarily and where thoughtfulness, care and respect are shown towards all animals.

The charity sees that starting with young people. Consequently it has supported teachers to develop informed, responsible and active citizens for many years, through free lesson plans and teaching resources.

But, the world is changing and the challenges facing animals are changing with it. Young children are being exposed to horrific incidents of animal suffering online, in ways previous generations have simply not experienced.

Research commissioned by RSPCA and carried out online by YouGov revealed that 78 percent of people say that animal welfare should be on the curriculum.

In response to this the charity has launched Generation Kind. This is a set of ambitious, innovative projects that aim to nurture and encourage the values of kindness and compassion towards all animals within children and young people of today.

The charity hopes to help create a future society that is truly kind to animals.

Broken down into nine innovative programmes, Generation Kind focuses on three key areas:

  • young people in schools
  • disadvantaged and excluded young people
  • young offenders

But the charity is asking all of us to help shape a kinder generation and to campaign for animal welfare in education.

More can be found on the charity's website.