Stag beetles are an endangered species and their decline is largely down to loss of woodland, hedgerows and traditional orchards.

Development will continue to reduce stag beetle habitats but the People’s Trust for Endangered Species recommends the following ways of helping their survival.

Create a log pile

One of the major problems facing stag beetles is a lack of rotting wood to lay eggs in or near and for larvae to feed on. Creating a log pile can provide stag beetles with habitat for the future. Log piles are also great habitat for other invertebrates and they in turn provide food for hedgehogs and birds.

Let dead wood lie

Leave old stumps and dead wood alone as these provide the perfect habitat and a food supply.

Reduce dangers

Be vigilant when mowing and be alert for predators, try and scare away magpies and keep pets indoors during warm evenings when stag beetles are flying. Make sure any open water has an exit point and if you see a dead-looking beetle in water, take it out as they often revive!