Animals do from time to time suddenly become very itchy and scratch and rub themselves until they bleed, or they cut themselves, or develop sore or hot patches on their skin or lose their hair.

Camrosa Ointment is the answer, as it will help with all of the above. The ointment soothes sore, itchy, irritated skin, and promotes the natural healing process where the skin has been damaged. Once the skin has healed the hair will start to grow back.

It is used successfully on dogs, cats, goats, horses, pigs, sheep, cattle, poultry, alpacas and small pets. The ointment is simple to use and comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet. The starter pack recommended for first time buyers includes the ointment and hypo-allergenic shampoo, both of which are needed to follow the instructions correctly and to get the best results.

The animals at Ladymeads Farm, which is organic (Soil Association) and home of Camrosa Equestrian, a family run business, often benefit from the ointment and if they could talk would tell you how much they appreciate the ointment.

Myrtle, one of the milking goats, has an on-going problem with mites in her heels. Mites make the skin dry and itchy and she then rubs her heels on anything she can from fencing to feed buckets. This causes sore, broken skin and crusty scabs that then makes it uncomfortable for her to walk.


Camrosa Ointment deals with the mites as they cannot feed, breathe or move through the ointment. It soothes the itch, softens the hard scabs, eases off the scabs when they are ready and promotes the natural healing process.


The ointment is just as effective on horses with heel mites, dogs with fox mites causing itchy dry skin, and on alpacas with mites.

Ollie, one of Camrosa’s working cattle/sheep dogs works over rough ground and on numerous occasions has returned with cuts and grazes to his face, legs and paws. Open skin like this can be a problem especially with mud, dirt and flies and can result in lost working days. However with the use of Camrosa Ointment this is not a problem. The ointment is a dense water repellent barrier and once applied to the wound, stops mud and dirt getting into it and allows the dog to continue working.


Even the flock of laying hens benefit from the ointment. Leg mites can make the legs of poultry become sore and damage the scales.


Camrosa Ointment deals with the mites, soothes the skin, lifts the damaged scales and promotes the natural healing process.

Camrosa Ointment is an excellent product to have in stock as a first aid essential.

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