As we march through summer it’s time to think about what flowers we want to see throughout autumn. Bulbs to order in August include saffron crocus and cyclamen. Two favourites to ward off the worry of winter blues are colchicums and sternbergia.

Colchicums are also known as meadow saffron and naked ladies (due to their lack of foliage). These are perfect for naturalising a garden and they work well when planted in grass. It’s also possible to grow them on a windowsill with no soil or water for an unusual display.

Sternbergia are also known as winter daffodils. They’re sunny bright yellow crocus like flowers help ward off the start of winter blues. They clump and are good for naturalising.

It seems sad to be thinking about other seasons in summer but planting these makes sure that there will be bright fresh colour on the greyest of dreary autumn days and they will shine on the blue sky Indian summer days.