Disadvantaged children given the chance to have a week long farming experience can now help rear beef cattle thanks to Wessex Lowlines.

Jamie's Farm has already helped more than 5,000 children at risk of exclusion from school in Bath, Hereford and Monmouth. Groups of 12 have a five-day experience on the farm with the aim of improving their behaviour.

The farm now has 10 new Lowline cattle from Wessex Lowlines after the company’s owner saw first-hand the positive impact the experience had on the children.

The charity’s founder, Jamie Feilden, said the breed’s docile nature makes them easy for the children to handle while still producing beef in a commercially viable fashion.

He said: “It’s a blend of farming, therapy and family. The children get up close and hands on with livestock and gain an understanding of how we grow our food.

“We run the farms commercially, this is not a petting zoo, so it is a genuine experience of farm life.”

The results speak for themselves with 68% of children who experienced Jamie’s Farm no longer at risk of exclusion six weeks after their visit.

Jamie was introduced to Lowlines in 2016 and is convinced that they are the best breed for the children to work with.

The donation brings his Lowline numbers to 15 which are all grazed at the Hereford farm.

More Lowlines have been pledged to the charity and will arrive before Christmas.

“They are very manageable because of their size but despite being smaller they are extremely productive which is important because we need to produce more beef per acre,” Jamie added.

“They are also easy calving and very good mums.”

Geoff Roper, the owner of Wessex Lowlines, has the largest herd in Europe with 180 cattle in the small Dorset hamlet of Stubhampton.

“We’re delighted to support Jamie’s Farm because I’m convinced what he offers the children is providing a huge benefit for them.

“They have small, grassland farms like us so the challenge is to produce as much beef as possible from that acreage.

“Lowlines are one of the only breeds that are safe and manageable for young people but also highly productive.”

To find out more about Jamie’s Farm go to jamiesfarm.org.uk or follow @JamiesFarm on Twitter.

Wessex Lowlines is hosting an open day on Sunday 7 October. Visit wessexlowlines.com to find out more and book a place.