For more than 30 years the Food and Agriculture Organistaion of the UN (FAO) has been working with locust affected countries to identify less harmful methods to control locust infestations.

The bio-pesticide is formulated using the spores of fungus, which is specific to locusts and grasshoppers.

When the spores come into contact with a locust, they germinate and penetrate its cuticle.

At that point, the fungus develops inside the body until it kills the insect.

As the fungus develops, it will first give the locust a pink-coloured tint, and then cover its body with mycelium.

In operational use, the spraying equipment is the same utilized for conventional pesticides, but the bio-pesticide takes a few days to produce the same results.

The FAO operation in Magadascar is based in Miandrivazo District.

Video courtesy of FAO