Hedgehogs and birds are partial to slugs but so are something a lot smaller, nematodes. Many of these microscopic worms are parasitic such as the hookworm and roundworm. They infect slugs with bacteria underground and around a week later the slug dies. The nematodes then feed off the decomposing slugs.

Packets of these highly effective worms can be bought but it is possible to make your own natural slug poison using the same worms.

Catch 20 slugs or more in a jar with a couple of weed leaves, sealed with a lid punctured with small breathing holes.

When you’ve finished your grisly hunt pour the slugs into a bucket. Pour in water to a depth of an inch and throw in a few more weed leaves for the slugs to eat.

Cover the bucket and nematodes will begin to breed. From time to time give the slugs a stir so that they remain moist and therefore appealing to the nematodes.

If you want the process to take place faster, add a teaspoon of shop bought nematodes.

After two weeks or so the slugs will die from being infected by the nematodes. The solution needs to be diluted so fill the bucket with water. Cover the mouth of a watering can with wire to act as a sieve for the weeds and remains of slugs and pour the mixture into the can. The bits in the wire can be saved to start another nematode solution.

Use the finished solution to water around plants that are susceptible to slugs and they will be protected by six weeks.