EFRA's support for UK animal welfare and clear food production labelling has been welcomed by the RSPCA.

The RSPCA has responded positively to the EFRA report 'The Future of Food, Farming and the Environment'.

David Bowles, RSPCA’s head of public affairs, said: “It’s encouraging that EFRA recognises the importance of farm animal welfare as a public good in UK agriculture policy post-Brexit.

“We welcome EFRA’s support for targeted farm payments for improved animal welfare, method of production labelling and trade agreement policies that would prevent low welfare imports.

"We also agree that clarity is needed on the length of the transition period and how much money Treasury will make available for these payments.

“Recognition that animal welfare is a public good and support for promoting environmental and animal welfare with direct payments after the UK leaves the EU is very welcome.

“This support for UK farm animal welfare comes at a time when the EU’s current CAP negotiations suggest that farmers in Europe after Brexit will still be paid to produce food without having to meet environmental or all the animal welfare standards in return.

“We also welcome EFRA’s conclusion on method of food production labelling as we believe this would give consumers the information they need - but recognise this will be a challenge for food products.

“In order to promote UK farming and prevent any race to the bottom in terms of quality, the government is right to say that trade negotiations should support animal welfare. As EFRA suggests, government policy should ensure that trade agreements prevent food imports that do not meet high animal welfare standards.”