Summer baskets can be planted up now and left sheltered in the greenhouse until the last frost has passed. If you don’t have a greenhouse wait for a few more weeks to plant up.

Hanging baskets can be an entirely different prospect to the smallholding and allotment as they are their own world. If you have limited space such as a small city garden or a balcony then they are even more valuable.

What you would like to grow in them is entirely personal and it’s a chance to be creative. If you have an allotment you may want hanging baskets at home that reflect what flowers and herbs you’re growing on your patch. Conversely, if you are growing mostly vegetables you may like this chance to grow flowers.

You can choose to grow a ‘savoury’ mix using chilli plants and herbs or cherry tomatoes that cascade planted with basil as they taste excellent together but also grow better together. You may prefer a basket full of herbs to appreciate their fragrance as you walk by or perhaps just beautiful flowers that create a long lasting growing bouquet.

Consider the differing heights, colours and textures of plants. Place the taller plants in the centre of the basket and have trailing plants around the edges so that they will grow to spill over the sides.

Some people choose to pack their hanging baskets with just one type of flowering plant so that huge balls of the same colour are created. Clematis Bijou is a real show stopper when grown like this.

Whatever you choose to plant remember how thirsty these containers are as the plants are packed in tightly and growing fast. Check the soil for moisture every day and be prepared to water them most days.