The European pollinator initiative has had its fourth highest all time public response from across the EU believed to be the fourth highest all time response to and EU environmental consultation. In total 66,579 public replies were received.

It is estimated that 84% of EU crop species and 78% of wildflower species rely on insect pollination. The ecosystem service provided to the EU by pollinators is valued at €22 billion per year. Pollinators provide an excellent indicator of the health of our environment and underpin essential services.

As well as the significant public response, wildlife organisations from across Europe made a joint submission to the pollinator initiative consultation, put out by the 28 member EU.

The key area of common ground is developing a full EU Pollinator Strategy in collaboration with member states to deliver the following:

- Remaining areas of wild flowers, semi -natural meadows and existing High Nature Value agriculture maintained, supported and promoted.

- B-Lines/BeeLines enabling pollinators and other wildlife to disperse effectively and providing the conditions for populations to recover

- Agri-environment schemes successfully deliver habitat for priority pollinator species

- Pollinator species and habitats listed in the Habitats Directive in FCS

EU pesticide approval process and subsequent risk management ensures pollinator safety

Matt Shardlow, CEO of Buglife, who coordinated the response, commented. “The public response has been massive, a real push for positive action for pollinators. It was also pleasing to find such strong commonality of thought and support for pollinator across such a wide range of European charitable organisations. Hopefully the EU will respond favourably to these ideas and help coordinate action to ensure the future of our pollinators.”