Visitors are invited to see Cornwall’s newly introduced beavers building dams and creating pools in their five acre enclosure at Woodland Valley Farm in Ladock, near Truro.

Beavers had not been in Cornwall for more than 400 years but within just two days of their release they began busily damming the outlet from the existing pond on-site, soon making it wider and deeper.

Researchers involved in the project estimate that water now takes an hour to drain through the site when it used to take just 15 minutes. This is significant as Ladock village downstream suffers from flooding so slowing the flow of water upstream could form part of the solution.

Next the beavers dammed the stream in two other places creating two more large ponds. Already the local frogs are taking advantage and have laid spawn in places that used to be dry.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust, working with the farm, is organising a series of guided tours of the site this year to give people a chance to see how beavers are transforming the site and creating more wildlife habitat areas.

Cheryl Marriott, head of conservation at Cornwall Wildlife Trust said: “I never get tired of showing people around the Cornwall Beaver Project site, seeing the look of amazement on their faces when they see their first-ever beaver dam right here in Cornwall is just brilliant!”

The walks are in the early evening before dusk and include a walking tour of the site then a chance to sit and wait to try and see the beavers come out as night falls. Walks can be booked at