The Solway Feeders roll away nest boxes are constructed from galvanised steel and plastic panels. They are available in four, six and ten-hole sizes as a two-tier unit. The nest boxes are supplied front roll out as standard but can be manufactured as a rear roll out version if external egg collection is required. All the nest boxes have a roll out nest bottom with a plastic hinged cover for easy egg collection. The cover ensures that nesting birds cannot damage or foul the eggs once laid. The cover also prevents any damage to the eggs if the collection tray is outside the housing as is the case with a rear roll out set up.

The Solway nest boxes have been designed with hygiene in mind and are very easy to clean. The nest bottoms and covers are easily removed for washing, and the main structure can be pressure washed and disinfected, helping to reduce the build-up of bacteria and red mite infestations.

Hanging brackets are included so that the unit can be safely attached to a wall or shed side. The wooden perches may be folded up to block access to the nest boxes if required, a feature particularly useful at night to stop birds roosting in the nests.

The nest boxes are designed for indoor use only.

All the components are made in the UK and assembled by Solway Feeders in their workshops.