Each month in Smallholder magazine we shine a light on products that we think our readers will enjoy. Here are this month's four beauties.


The Best of British Throw Collection from Curtis, Curtis and Sons

This throw is but one element of a cockle warmingly beautiful collection made with 100% British wool. The wool for the Natural Collection is produced by Shetland sheep in the Shetland Isles and scoured, combed and spun in Yorkshire. The stunning natural colours have been chosen to complement eachother and the designs thoughtfully balance a nod to tradition with a fresh contemporary palette. The wool is of the highest quality and while it is durable and practical thanks to wool’s unique properties, the finished product is super-soft and has a fabulously luxurious feel. Knowing that it is 100% made in the UK lends this collection an air of pride and it is gratifying to support the wool industry this way. While buying a natural throw may start as a luxury item, it won’t be long until you consider it an essential one!

RRP £65 (free UK P&P)


Reasons to love: Luxurious, Practical, Beautiful


Ranger Mohair Socks from The Goat Company

These socks are made from mohair produced by a flock of Angora goats in the Black Mountains in Herefordshire. They are hard wearing, the terry loop makes them toasty warm in their double thickness and the fibres resist foot odour, so they don’t smell even after a week in wellies. All this and they are happily washed in a washing machine. The mohair is hand dyed at the farm and the socks come in a vibrant range of colours either as long boot socks or shorter ones.

RRP £12.50 for short, £17.50 for long (+ P&P)


Reasons to love: Warm, Practical, Affordable


The Professional Smallholder: Sheep Keeping by Phillipa Page and Kim Hamer

As a sheep keeper have you ever wanted to go into more depth with your vet and understand more about keeping your flock healthy and happy? This comprehensive handbook is an invaluable source of veterinary relevant information. It offers advice on everyday issues such as feeding and nutrition, housing, organ systems and functions, disease, treatments and sheep behaviour.

The photography is excellent and the authors’ advice is detailed but easy to understand. This book is a reassuring manual to have to hand if you have sheep or to prepare you if you are thinking about starting with sheep.

RRP £24.95 (+ P&P)


Reasons to love: Knowledgeable, Clear, Practical


RHS Gold Leaf Winter Touch Gloves from Waitrose Garden

Gardening in harsh conditions can be taxing, but the right equipment can make all the difference.

These Winter Touch gardening gloves combine a Thinsulate thermal lining and breathable Ski-Dri waterproof membrane to keep your hands toasty and dry in even the coldest weather.

Pliable and protective enough for winter pruning, the reinforced palms also give you extra comfort and grip when using heavier garden tools. The perfect winter gardening gloves to keep you snug during the colder months, and sturdy enough to handle the prickliest of brambles and thorns.

RRP £24.99 (+ P&P)


Reasons to love: Tough, Warm, Comfortable