Otters are being celebrated during a special weekend at RSPB Radipole Lake on February 17 and 18 from 10.00 am–3.00 pm.

Ed Chivers, visitor experience officer said: “Wooosh! The ducks and gulls on the lake take flight in a frenzy, calling out their displeasure. The first instinct is to search the skies for a bird of prey, but there isn’t anything obvious. Suddenly, a commotion near the edge of the river announces a predator of a different kind, a nearby flock of ducks beat the water in their hurry to escape. These are the signs that an otter is on the prowl for breakfast!

“We are so fortunate in Weymouth to have otters living in the heart of our town on RSPB Radipole Lake. Seeing these lively, intelligent mammals can be a once in a lifetime experience. So we’ve decided to celebrate all things otter this February at our special Otter Weekend.”

There will be otter themed crafts, activities and a trail throughout the free event.