New research shows how little people across the UK know about the seasonality of fruit and vegetables.

The research carried out by Certas Energy found that only 11% knew when carrots are in season and almost half of the respondents did not know that strawberries are a summer fruit. Only just over a third of people asked knew that tomatoes grow in the summer and rhubarb was known to be a spring fruit by only a quarter.

Produce Season Guessed correctly Guessed incorrectly

Rhubarb Spring 24% 76%

Asparagus Spring 32% 68%

Spinach Spring 14% 86%

Beetroot Summer 14% 86%

Broccoli Summer 20% 80%

Carrots Summer 11% 89%

Courgettes Summer 32% 68%

Garlic Summer 20% 80%

Peas Summer 34% 66%

Strawberries Summer 55% 45%

Tomatoes Summer 37% 63%

More positively, the research also revealed that more than four out of five people (86%) would like to support British agriculture. However, three-quarters confessed that they are unaware of how commercial farming operates and 77% said that they are unaware of how much food is imported and exported in the UK.

The cities that most actively try to purchase produce from home soil were Norwich, (90%), Glasgow (88%) Nottingham, Cardiff (84%), Edinburgh and Liverpool (83%), while the least active were Sheffield (39%) and Birmingham (34%).

The research which polled 1000 adults was conducted to support the Certas Energy cookbook, which showcases a selection of dishes cooked using local produce by rural chefs from around the UK.

Angus Blundell, director of marketing at Certas Energy, said: “We conducted this research to see how much the public knows about vegetables and fruit grown in the UK. We were surprised to find out that a huge percentage of people have little knowledge of seasonal produce.

“For those who would like to support British agriculture but have no idea where to start, we recommend keeping an eye out for the red tractor symbol on produce as this indicates that it has come from a British farm. Also we would encourage people to research local farm shops, where you can buy the products you need directly from those who farm it."

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