A new coffee is on the market and it's bird friendly, organic and fairtrade.

The RSPB has teamed up with Bird and Wild to offer the only 100% organic and shade grown coffee in the world.

Every bean is produced organically, ensuring that tropical ‘agroforests’ are preserved and migratory birds find a healthy haven when travelling from northern climes to farms producing beans throughout Central America.

Migratory songbird species have been declining due to the loss of the Central American tropical rainforests they call home over the winter. Areas of rainforest cleared to make way for sun coffee plantations have added to this problem. Shade grown coffee farms requires a minimum level of tree coverage to cultivate a forest-like structure which provides food and water to help give these vulnerable species a home. In addition it provides a habitat which promotes natural ecology amongst resident birds, reptiles, ants, butterflies, bats, plants and other organisms.

The new bird friendly coffee is triple certified.

Firstly, it is certified 'organic', which means managing a healthy soil base and applying no harmful pesticides that could otherwise run off into streams and rivers. This helps reduce the billions of pounds of noxious chemicals that are injected annually into natural ecosystems that support wildlife and communities.

Secondly, a variety of native shade trees are grown throughout the coffee plantation. The combination of foliage cover, tree height and animal diversity provides suitable migratory bird habitat while maintaining productive farms. Producers must be recertified every three years to ensure they continue to meet these requirements and can truly call themselves 'bird friendly'.

Thirdly, the coffee is certified 'fairtrade' which ensures producers in developing countries are paid a fair price for their work, by companies in developed countries based on partnerships, which means that it’s great for wildlife and people alike.

Guy Wilmot, coffee brand manager from Bird & Wild said: “I’ve worked in coffee importing and roasting for over ten years and the industry and public alike are increasingly aware and concerned about the ethical, environmental and sustainable practices involved with coffee production. I'm most proud of launching Bird & Wild Coffee with the RSPB as a triple certified coffee, which actively supports migrating birds at coffee producing countries, whilst giving back 6% of all sales to the RSPB to help give nature a home back in the UK. This partnership with RSPB means that Bird & Wild is one of the most truly ethical coffees in the UK and I'm very proud to be part of it."

Bird and Wild can currently be purchased at the RSPB online shop and other online retail stores.