On especially dark days it’s gratifying to do a task with spring in mind. Making a chalkboard sign for the stall is straight forward and cheap, and if you use chalk to write on it, you can keep the sign accurate at all times as produce and prices change through the year.

You’ll need chalkboard paint (available from DIY and craft shops), a picture frame, paint and primer, for the frame, sandpaper, a dustsheet, safety mask, gloves and chalk.

Choose a picture frame that is large enough for the purpose and a frame that you like either as is, or after a coat of paint. It doesn’t matter if it has glass or perspex as you’ll dispose of that so choose whatever suits your taste and budget.

Lay the dustsheet on the floor and make sure there’s ventilation to dissipate paint fumes. Take the picture frame apart and, if you’re not going to reinstate the glass or perspex afterwards, keep it for covering seedlings.

Either spray (wearing a face mask) or paint the cardboard backing to the frame with a couple of layers, letting each dry between coats. While that dries, consider the frame. If you would like to paint it, give it a light sanding and wipe with a damp cloth. Once it’s dried, apply a coat of primer and when that is dry, the final coat of colour.

Be patient and give it 24 hours, but once the backing and the frame are dry you can reassemble it and you have yourself a clean fresh board to write on.