The British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) is using International Chocolate Cake Day on January 27 to remind cake lovers that eggs from caged hens are often used in processed foods.

Around 60% of eggs laid by caged hens are snuck into processed foods, such as quiche, pasta and cake.

As a general rule, if ‘free range’ isn’t stated in the ingredients list, the eggs in the product are either caged or barn.

To make eating cake ethical as well as delicious the national charity has identified some of the cakes sold in UK supermarkets which use free range eggs in the ingredients.

Jane Howorth, MBE, founder of the BHWT, said: “It’s disappointing some chocolate cake manufacturers still use eggs from caged hens. By making an ethical decision on your chocolate cake you will not only be able to enjoy it guilt-free but you will make the world of difference to the hen that helped to create it.”

Cakes that you can tuck into guilt-free include Sainsbury’s Belgian Chocolate Fudge Cake, Tesco Finest White Chocolate and Strawberry Cake, ASDA Extra Special Hand Finished Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cake and Morrisons The Best Chocolate Cake.

Eggs from caged hens are used in Galaxy Chocolate Cake Bars, Thornton’s Triple Layer Chocolate Birthday Cake, Cadbury Crunchie Cake and Mr Kipling Choc Chip Cake Slices.

The BHWT re-homes over 50,000 hens a year and also educates the public as to how they can influence hen welfare via their shopping baskets.