The British Hen Welfare Trust is celebrating having re-homed 59,000 hens during 2017, all of which have gone on to become much-loved family pets throughout the UK.

These hens were destined for slaughter having reached their egg laying peak at 18 months old. However the charity steps in to save as many as possible, knowing what great companions they make.

Matt Jackson adopted five hens from Perth in September and said: “It was my pleasure, taking on the girls. I treasure them each and every day and, being a 'stay at home' Dad, I get to keep them company, give them their feeds and treats, and they know I'm here should they need me! Wouldn't have it any other way.”

Andy Westcott collected hens from Rose Ash in Devon earlier this year. He said: “It's a pleasure to see our six ladies out and about, doing what chickens do.”

Donna Boden, who rescued hens Kim and Carla from Wrexham earlier this year, said: “They now live with my other ex-bat girls and have star-jumping tantrums if they see me from their run and I don't let them in my house. Their confidence levels have gone through the roof since the day I met them when they were pretending to be invisible so that nothing bad would happen. Best thing I've ever done was to give deserving hens a retirement home!”

Emma Gilbert, who re-homed from Baylham in Suffolk, said: “All four hens were rescued and collected from Baylham in October 2016 and one year on are the loveliest and craziest hens I have ever owned. We feel privileged to share our garden with them.”

To re-home some hens and experience the joys of watching them flourish visit or call 01884 860084.