Animals could eat glitter and sequins if they are combined with oats, seeds and other ingredients that are left outside as reindeer food over the festive season.

The RSPB has issued reminders that plastic can cause stomach problems for animals and birds if eaten and glitter is a microplastic which means that it could cause the environment a long lasting problem.

Even cake sprinkles and edible glitter are ill advised since they can contain e-numbers.

Instead, the RSPB has suggested the perfect reindeer treat which has a high calorific content, making it the perfect fuel for flying high and keeping warm in the wintery months, much as garden birds need.

The charity says that raw porridge oats and sunflower seeds can make up the bulk of the reindeer chow as they’re good all-rounders for fat and carbohydrate content. Nyjer seeds can add some darker colour and this tiny, oil rich seed is highly nutritious and perfect for keeping up energy. For more colour apple and blueberries are recommended.