Cleaning the greenhouse is a satisfying job as while you are making a good environment for over wintering plants you can’t help but think of spring and the seedlings that will start off there.

Ridding the panes of your greenhouse of algae, moss and dirt means that the plants inside can receive more light, especially beneficial during the shorter days. Plain water is best unless they are especially dirty in which case a glass cleaning product can be used. If you can’t reach the higher panes try tying a sponge onto a beanpole!

Inside it’s important to keep pests and disease at bay. Old pots and seedboxes can harbour bugs so either store them in a shed or clean them before storing in the greenhouse and check them from time to time.

Use eco-friendly, non-toxic soap and warm water to clean the floors and counters of the greenhouse and consider fumigating.

It might pay to take a close look at the supports, roof and guttering so that you don’t get any nasty surprises during any severe winter weather and make sure that the gutters are clear of leaves. If you find any broken panes it is best to mend them before the much colder weather begins so that you and your plants can remain snug in the greenhouse on a sunny winter day.