Four world records were set at the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship at the Malvern Autumn Show this year.

Joe Atherton from Mansfield won the World’s Longest Parsnip at an enormous 6.550m as well as the World's Longest Radish at 6.703m. Mr Mansfield already has 11 world records to his name.

The World’s Heaviest Chilli was won by Kevin Fortey from Cwmbran at 0.348kg and the Ian Neale from Newport won the World’s Longest Chilli at 401mm, the first ever record for this category.

Nottinghamshire must have had favourable conditions as Peter Glazebrook who lives there grew Britain's Heaviest Tomato at 2.88kg and Britain's Heaviest Radish (10.38kg) while Peter Marston who is also from the same county won Europe's Longest Squash at 173cm.

The mountains of monster veg were weighed and measured by official adjudicator, Martyn Davis and the records have been sent to the Guinness Book of World Records for inclusion.

Diana Walton, head of shows at Three Counties, said: “We are thrilled that we have seen four new world records in the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship. The passion and perseverance of these growers is amazing and our visitors absolutely love it. We never fail to be astounded at the sheer size and scale, they literally are one of the biggest draws of the show.”