Making a pond can attract a variety of wildlife to your smallholding such as frogs, toads, dragonflies and even newts.

It’s straightforward to do, too.

1. Consider the location carefully. A shady or semi-sunny site is best but avoid planting under trees or shrubs that will shed their leaves into the pond.


2. You can experiment with the shape and size that you want by playing string on the ground.

3. Once you’ve decided where it will be dig a hole to at least a foot at its deepest part and ensure that you gently slope the sides for easy access for wildlife.


4. Line the hole with sand or a piece of carpet to avoid the liner being punctured by sharp stones under the weight of the water.

5. Lay an oversized piece of pond liner in the hole. When buying your liner don’t forget to account for the depth of the pond and make sure that there is a generous overlap all around.


6. It is best to fill the pond from a water butt as tap water contains chemicals which may harm wildlife but if you need to use tap water just let it naturalise for a week before you add plants or any other forms of life.

7. Dress the sides with stones and add some stones to the bottom of the pond. It is vital to provide a ramp so that frogs and toads can easily get in and out of the pond.


8. Add soil between the stones and plant up to make the pond look less new and more inviting to shy wildlife.

9. Personalise as you wish with a frog shelter and water plants.


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