The new tractor group Blue Force – ‘Friends of Fordson – Ford – New Holland & Derivatives’ has been in the planning stage since the end of November 2010. A team of dedicated enthusiasts has worked hard behind the scenes to make the new club a success.

This was proved correct when on Saturday 9th April the Club was officially launched by Mark Osborne of County Tractor Spares who addressed a crowd of more than 300 who had travelled from all over the UK for the day.

To help make the day complete Charles Moorman of New Holland dealer Platts Harris, Tuxford, Newark supplied a brand new New Holland T7.210 which stood proud next to an early 1920s Fordson Model F. The oldest and newest tractors at the show certainly showed how Henry Ford’s design of a unitised tractor set the style for nearly all subsequent tractors to be designed.

The two stars of the show built some 90 years apart headed the line of 88 different tractors, from the Fordson Model Fs and Ns to the Fordson Major E27Ns onto the Ford 1000 and 600 Series. Also present were such famous names as Chaseside, County, Doe, Muir-Hill and Roadless, which when all added together made the Blue Force Launch such a huge success.

For further details vist or telephone 07826 650424.