The UK will be buzzing and crawling with hundreds of events during National Insect Week 2018.

From June 18-24 there will be opportunities to join minibeast safaris, field trips and moth nights from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, from County Fermanagh to Suffolk. Each event will celebrate insects and the entomologists who study them, bringing people closer to the little things that run the world.

Every two years, the Royal Entomological Society (RES) organises the week, supported by a large number of organisations with interests in the science, natural history and conservation of insects.

This year the week will be launched at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Garden Wisley on Monday June 18. Insect Isles, an artwork by illustrator Carim Nahaboo, will be revealed at the launch to celebrate the diversity and importance of insects in the UK. The piece will be unveiled to invited guests by RHS President Sir Nicholas Bacon OBE, author M.G.Leonard and RES Honorary Officer Prof Linda Field.

Over one million species of insects have been described and named worldwide. There are more than 24,000 species in the UK alone and we find insects in almost every habitat.

They can be pollinators, predators, pests, parasites and prey, and their study is an important part of conservation, food production, medicine and biology.

Royal Entomological Society chief executive, Dr Luke Tilley said: "Insects may be small, but they have a huge impact on the natural world and their study is fundamental to modern science. There are a wide range of activities offered during National Insect Week by local and national

organisations. Children and adults alike can immerse themselves in the wonderful world of insects and meet the people who study that world."