The Giant Vegetable Competition and Show is on Saturday September 16 at Kehelland Trust in Cornwall.

Prizes at this show are given purely on weight or length, rather than beauty.

Sally Pyner, horticultural coordinator, said: “There are still guidelines to follow when presenting veg for the show but the focus is on how the veg measure up, rather than on how perfect they are.”

Expect to see cabbages big enough to feed a whole street, giant onions, lengthy leeks and colossal carrots.

There are a few novelty classes, such as ‘vegetable creatures’ and ‘the most unusual looking vegetable’ which always attract some attention and demonstrate great creativity.

Kehelland Trust supports young people and adults with learning and/or physical disabilities within horticulture and its surrounding businesses of plant nursery sales and catering, through education, training and day-care opportunities.

Show visitors can explore the 16 acre site and homemade refreshments are available.

The event runs from 11am until 4pm and entry costs £1 for adults and under 16s are free.