The Happy Egg Company has released the first ever album for hens to help their hens feel even more relaxed while they lay their tasty eggs.

‘Top of the Flocks’ is an album full of classical tracks certain to set feathers aflutter - after a study revealed that genre to be the one most favoured by the girls.

Classical tracks from Mozart and Beethoven were pitted against the likes of Lady Gaga and One Direction (pop), and Guns ‘n’ Roses and Queen (rock) - and the classical composers came out on top, with 6 per cent more eggs laid in the nesting box playing classical music.

Isabelle Pettersson, who conducted the study with the University of Bristol, said, “We already know that hens are sensitive to noise and that loud noises of 80 decibels or more can have a profoundly negative effect on them, but it would seem the soothing tempo of classical composition may have a more positive effect.”

And Jack Ketch, who composed the album, said: “I’ve been composing music professionally for more than 15 years, but being asked to create an album for hens was definitely a first! I’ve had a fantastic time working closely with the hens, and spending time on a happy egg farm, to create an original composition they love and respond well to.”

You can download the album from the the Happy Eggs website.