An author has helped to save the lives of hundreds of hens due for slaughter by donating more than £1000 of royalties from her books to the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT).

Victoria Connelly has written three books that feature ex-battery hens since she adopting her own. Escape to Mulberry Cottage, A Year at Mulberry Cottage and Summer at Mulberry Cottage all feature her adopted hens and it was these three books from which she donated royalties to the charity.

Victoria said: “We have had so much joy from our ex-battery hens via the BHWT and we truly can't imagine life without them. They are very special animals and I love spreading the word about the amazing work the charity does on their behalf. I’m really delighted to be able to help.”

The £1,142.86 Victoria has donated will be put towards the charity’s re-homing work, which sees it save 50,000 hens from slaughter every year.

If you have adopted ex-battery hens do share stories of their new lives in the Comments section below.