The Poultry Club of Great Britain (PCGB) has met with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to discuss issues concerning Avian Influenza.

The meeting followed the appointment of PCGB Council Members Jed Dwight and Lee Grant as liaisons to the Government Department last week, and was organised so that a strong relationship would be formed to tackle the issue of Avian Influenza.

During the meeting several topics were discussed, including protection of pure breeds in the event of a cull, compensation in the event of a cull and 'at risk' breeds.

Lee Grant said: "The PCGB has always had a strong relationship with DEFRA, and it was great to be able to ensure that the relationship continues to go from strength to strength, in the interest of all of the Poultry Club's members, as well as poultry keepers more widely.

"I feel that myself and Jed managed to gain important answers for the club's members at yesterday's meeting, and a letter will be going out to all members soon."