An ex-commercial hen re-homed by the British Hen Welfare Trust has become a much-loved, albeit cheeky, member of a Cornish family, and even laid a pink egg!

Primrose was adopted by the Morris-Kirby family from the charity’s Camelford re-homing point and has made quite a name for herself.

She even became famous for a day when a photo of her was shared on the charity’s Facebook page, much to their supporters’ delight.

Primrose’s owner, Debbie Morris-Kirby, said: “Primrose is our naughtiest hen, but full of character, and very loveable.”

Primrose even once laid an egg in a bag of Christmas tinsel, which ended up turning the eggshell pink!

“She came into the house and hid in a large paper carrier bag of tinsel samples (I have a Christmas shop so there are usually festive decorations around), made a nest, and laid an egg,” said Debbie. “It was a special egg, as it took the pink colour of the tinsel where it was nestled.”

The BHWT re-homes hens regularly in Cornwall and has two dates coming up – one in Camelford on Saturday, 27 August and another in Redruth on Sunday, 11 September.

To re-home some hens all you need to do is register on the charity’s website at and then call 01884 860084.