The RSPCA is appealing for help after a dozen dead chickens were discovered in a park.

A woman walking her dog in Brockley View Park in Forest Hill, south east London, on Tuesday, 17 November, called the RSPCA after making the grisly discovery.

The bodies of the hens were found in and around a hedgerow close to the entrance of the park and all appear to have had their necks broken.

RSPCA inspector Natasha Wallis said: “It was a horrible thing for a dog walker to find and I would really like to know where the chickens have come from and what they are doing there.

“It looks like the chickens have been killed somewhere else and their bodies were dumped in the park.

“If anyone has information I would urge them to contact me.”

Manual neck dislocation, when carried out by a competent person, is considered an acceptable method of killing in emergency situations but there are strict rules about disposing of animals remains.

Mia Fernyhough, hen welfare specialist at the RSPCA, said: “Even people keeping a few chickens in their back garden and smallholders are subject to very strict rules when it comes to humane slaughter and the disposal of animal remains.

“If a pet hen passes away the owner has to take it to a registered premises, such as a vets or pet crematorium, they cannot bury it in the garden or dispose of it in general waste due to the risk of spreading disease.”

Anyone with information about how the chickens were killed and who owns them can call the appeal line 0300 1238018 and leave a message for Inspector Wallis.

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