A leading poultry and food processor, 2 Sisters Food Group, has won industry praise for its work in controlling Campylobactor.

The group has scooped the ‘Publisher’s Award for Investment in tackling campylobacter’ at the 2015 Pig & Poultry Marketing Awards.

The award was presented by Tom Procter, account manager at COBB Europe to Michelle Waterman, group agriculture director and Simon Hewitt, technical director for UK Poultry.

Pig and Poultry Marketing magazine said: “Following a £10-million initiative, 2 Sisters Food Group is leading the way in the fight against campylobacter. During the last year, 2 Sisters has taken a multi-intervention approach, touching all stages of the supply chain from farm, through to end consumer. The judges were greatly encouraged by the work 2 Sisters is doing and would like to award the business today, for its focus and investment, openness and honesty.”