Chef Raymond Blanc is joining wellbeing writer and organic farmer Liz Earle to promote this year's British Food Fortnight.

The 15th annual celebration of the UK's food heritage will run from September 23 to October 8. Hundreds of events are planned to focus on the country's food producers as well as nationwide roadshow educating primary school pupils on food provenance.

The campaign is sponsored by Co-op who from May have been backing UK farmers by only selling 100% British bacon, lamb, beef, chicken, ham, pork, sausages and turkey.

Alexia Robinson, founder of Love British Food and British Food Fortnight, said: “Fresh challenges face farmers and the food industry this year and these are uncertain times but with backing from the big names in retail, foodservice, key charities and with Raymond Blanc and Liz Earle on board we’re seeing this event grow exponentially each year, and it speaks volumes about our changing attitude to the food we eat and where it comes from.”

The organisation is also launching a campaign to celebrate the UK’s Food Heroines, the female growers, producers, farmers and suppliers who keep British food traditions alive and thriving.