Food, farming and countryside organisations, including the NFU, will be running school events across the country starting today to mark the launch of a new education resource website ‘Countryside Classroom’.

The NFU is part of the largest ever partnership of organisations committed to helping children learn about food, farming and the natural environment, which is led by FACE (Farming and Countryside Education).

The partnership aims to give every school child the opportunity to learn about food, farming and countryside topics in diverse ways, including experiences outside and inside the classroom. All resources are curriculum-relevant across a broad number of teaching areas and ages.

NFU Vice President and FACE trustee Guy Smith said: “We are proud to be actively involved in Countryside Classroom and the important role it aims to play in children’s education.

“Representing the majority of farmers in England and Wales, the NFU remains committed to the goal of ensuring school children have access to accurate and balanced information about our industry. We see the creation of Countryside Classroom as a very positive step in that direction.

“With the launch, the events this week and continued work from all in the partnership, we hope teachers across the country, in both rural and urban areas, use and value these resources.”

Dan Corlett, CEO of FACE said: “We have a big vision for Countryside Classroom – we want it to become the trusted place that teachers and schools go to access all they need relating to food, farming and the natural environment.

“Today is just the start - we want to hear from partners, charities or local experts who want to join Countryside Classroom too.”