Mole Valley Farmers are delighted to welcome to their Devon County Show trade stand, representatives of Exe Valley Rotary Club, (EVRC) who are supporting Alzheimer's Research UK by raffling a 1952 Ferguson T20 Tractor. Mole Valley Farmers will be also be adding £50 of store vouchers to the prize.

The Fergie had already completed a whistle-stop tour of Mole Valley Farmers branches at Frome, Bridgwater and Cullompton, where it was warmly welcomed and began the fund raising process.

The T20 tractor, fondly known as the ‘Little Grey Fergie’, has been generously donated by Mr and Mrs Harry Parker of Home Farm, Stourton, Warminster, to raise funds for dementia research, in memory of his father, Dennis. The T20 is probably the world’s most iconic tractor, being instrumental in the widespread replacement of heavy horses in agriculture during the middle of the last century.

David Disney, of EVRC ( takes up the story; “In 2014 the Exe Valley Rotary club was informed that a local dementia nursing home required a tractor, or some farm machinery, to help mentally stimulate some of their clients with agricultural backgrounds. As it seems we all know someone who has suffered with Alzheimer’s, or some form of dementia, we were delighted to help. We duly found and delivered a suitable old tractor and the immediate response with the clients at the Home was remarkable. It was particularly difficult to hold back one of the residents. Within minutes he was sat on the tractor, with a cup of tea in hand, and, even more importantly, a smile on his face!

"During the appeal for this tractor, The Exe Valley Rotary Club were kindly offered the Fergie by Mr and Mrs Parker. We had the bit between our teeth by that point, and so decided to go one step further with our fund raising, by raffling this one for Alzheimer Research UK. The charity’s aims are to fund ongoing research, find ways of slowing its progress and to improve the quality of life of those living with the condition, which are vital to anyone suffering with dementia”.

Nigel Bond, Show and Events Manager at Mole Valley Farmers said; “We have worked with EVRC over a number of years on various projects, and so were very pleased to offer our support for their Fergie raffle and indeed add £50 worth of vouchers towards this worthy cause. We are already looking forward to the start of the show season, and meeting the hundreds of Mole Valley Farmers members who will no doubt drop in over the course of the summer, for a chat, and a much needed sugar rush of cake and biscuits, washed down by a cuppa.”

Nigel continued; “From past experience of the farming community, we anticipate their generous support. While one lucky winner can choose to become the proud owner of this piece of design history, EVRC will also be offering an alternative cash prize of £1000. The final draw will take place on our show stand at the Mid Devon Town & Country Show, to be held at the new venue of Knightshayes, Tiverton, on Saturday July 25 2015 so do come and join us!”

Devon County Show runs Thursday 21, Friday 22, and Saturday 23 May at West Point Showground, Exeter.