Labelling Matters – that’s the name of a campaign for factual, honest food labelling which is being run in partnership with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), World Society for the Protection of animals (WSPA) and the Soil Association. They are also working with animal welfare partners in mainland Europe.

They are asking interested people to help them in their Campaign which believes that all animal products should be labeled based on methods of production so consumers can make an informed choice about what they buy and eat. They say there are many products that use words or pictures that imply the food is high welfare but when you read the small print this isn’t the case. Words such as ‘farm fresh’, ‘natural’ or ‘hihg quality’ and show pictures of free range animals , sunshine, trees, fields or attractive rural scenes are on the label but the animals are actually reared in intensive conditions. But you can help. If you find such a misleading label then the Campaign wants you to take a photo and send it to them. They are particularly interested in chicken and pig meat and dairy product labels on products fond in stores in the UK though they are interested in other EU countries too.

Ideally they need them all by 30th September. You can find out more on Facebook or