Love eggs but hate additives? Then keep a flock of hens in the back garden and enjoy additive-free, freshly laid eggs every morning.

As news hits the UK that eggs on supermarket shelves may contain a harmful anti-lice agent, the British Hen Welfare Trust is reminding consumers that they can have a supply of fresh eggs in their own backyard by keeping hens.

And, if they re-home through the charity, they’ll also be saving lives. The charity re-homes around 50,000 hens due for slaughter every year. The hens have been laying eggs for supermarkets for 12 months but are sent to slaughter once their egg laying becomes irregular.

However, frequently these hens will carry on happily laying, meaning hen keepers can control what goes into their eggs.

Jane Howorth MBE, the charity's founder, said: “The current egg problem sweeping Europe is a reminder of the benefits of producing our own food, including eggs. Saving lives in the process, as well as taking on a healthy new hobby, makes hen adoption a no-brainer in my view.”

The British Hen Welfare Trust is always looking for homes for hens, and anyone who is able to save some from slaughter can register at or call 01884 860084.