Helston and St Keverne Young Farmers have been getting stuck in to help Coverack residents most affected by the flash flooding.

Working in conjunction with the community group Coverack Space 2000, the young farmers had originally been booked to help develop the sensory garden at Coverack School, but after flash flooding hit the village last month the focus of the visit changed.

Around 20 members arrived with wheelbarrows, shovels, brushes and enthusiasm, ready to help where they were needed.

Jane and Bob Dunnett where thrilled with the difference made to their garden, which had been trashed with the river running right up to their house, ripping out their oil tank and knocking down walls.

The young farmers carried out all manner of practical tasks, including putting a fence vertical, moving gravel, filling in holes, unearthing some raised beds, clearing rubbish and levelling what was previously garden but looked like a river bed.

Bob said that what the group had achieved in one evening would have taken them months to do.

Another group of young farmers helped Joan Kearsley in her garden, clearing large stones uncovered by the storm and moved them to a neighbouring garden to help repair a wall that had been washed away. They also filled a veg patch that the river had stripped with many of barrow loads of soil - hard work with the steep hill.

Caroline Beadle, from CS2000, said: "The young farmers are not the only group to have helped in Coverack but as a local group who gave up their time and energy at the end of their working day it was very much appreciated. "There are probably more people who need help that we don’t know about but this was a start and has made a big difference to those that they visited."