To help get crops off to a flying start this autumn, Altech Crop Science is launching a competition at Cereals 2017.

The competition offers visitors the chance to win a free trial of Soil Set Aid, a natural biological technology developed to boost soil health.

ACS's Soil Set Aid naturally boosts soil health and fertility through the supply of nutrients and growth factors from microbial fermentation.

Biostimulants are developed to naturally enhance soil and plant health and Mark O'Neill, business development manager for the company, says utilisation of this technology can help growers overcome the increasing challenges of modern agricultural practices.

He said: "Soil health is fundamental to crop productivity and in-line with mounting concerns that intensive methods of production are permanently depleting soils of essential nutrients, we will be running a competition to win 20 litres of Soil Set Aid.

"By stimulating beneficial soil microbes, Soil Set Aid assists in the breakdown of residual crop material.

"This increases nutrient availability and uptake to the plant, which enhances root growth, helping crops get off to a strong start.

“As growers look to extend their agronomy toolkits, we’re seeing increasing interest in biological technologies to enhance traditional agronomy programmes.

“And with increasing evidence to suggest biostimulant technology can significantly increase crop yields, demonstrations are now underway on 15 AHDB monitor farm locations, who are utilising a range of biostimulants supplied by ACS."

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