A new variety of raspberry of a type known as a two-timer or double-cropper has been launched for 2016 by mail order supplier D. T. Brown. French-bred Paris is an autumn-cropping primocane, producing its berries from August to October, but if the canes are left rather than cut down they will produce a further crop the following June. New growth can be tied in to produce the following season's autumn harvest and subsequent summer yield. The double-cropping technique is explained fully at http://www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk/Soft-Fruit/Raspberry-Paris-Fruit-Plant-Primocane.html,

D. T. Brown's general manager Tim Jeffries explains why he thinks Paris may become a serious rival to the company's best-selling Polka. " We have had our eyes on Paris for about five years and have always been impressed by its yield, colour, fruit size and, most importantly, its truly memorable flavour and fragrance - a real taste experience! The conical berries often weigh in at from 5gm to 6½gm each, so Paris is also a heavyweight".

Raspberry Paris has also been extensively trialled in the UK, and Tim reports it performs very well; the canes have an upright habit, are self-supporting and are therefore ideal for growing in containers - and with fruiting mainly at the top half of each cane picking is easy. Paris also stands up well to most common raspberry diseases thanks to its excellent health and vigour.

One well established plant of raspberry Paris in a 9cm pot costs £8.95, while anyone who orders three will receive the third totally free of charge. Despatch is from early June 2016 onwards. D. T. Brown offers an excellent range of the best modern raspberry varieties, all propagated from disease-free, certified stock.