Beekeeping in North Northumberland and the South of Scotland has done well since the extremely difficult year of 2012. Fortunately in May 2013 the weather finally improved and continued right through until April 2015. Consequently the bees were in good condition and able to withstand the persistent cold weather that we have experienced until recently and some of the colonies are beginning to swarm.

Sometimes swarms try to get into the roofs of houses generally where there have been bees living previously and cause a good deal of alarm. However swarming bees are never aggressive and because they are never sure where they are going they get lost. Blocking holes up with expanding foam will help and spraying Jeyes fluid around sometimes deters them.

If they have arrived then contact your local beekeepers' association who will have someone detailed to help. They haven't come to your property to sting you, they are only looking for a new home to make up the losses over the last 20 years.

If beekeepers like ourselves hadn't controlled the parasitic varroa mite there would not be any honey bees at all, so it is a good sign that once again there are a few swarms going about.

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